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MiraGest Colon Cleanse Formula from Westhaven Labs

60 capsules / 30-day supply

RECOMMENDED USE: Take 2 capsules daily.

This product is guaranteed with a 120 day no-risk, money-back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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1 review for MiraGest Colon Cleanse Formula

  1. Verified Purchase

    Wonderful product. Does what everything else I tried failed to do.

    I didn’t have much hope for this product because for 30 years I have suffered from IBS and have diarrhea so much alternating with constipation. Some days the bowel movements were uncontrollable and too many to count. Sorry to get so detailed, but since I started Miragest I am completely normal now digestive wise. It’s a miracle product for me, and I’m totally serious. Thank you.

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