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Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator by Hampshire Labs

90 tablets / 30-day supply

RECOMMENDED USE: Take 3 tablets daily.

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6 reviews for Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator

  1. A.L.M.

    I am an 87 year old male, have had foot neuropathy in both feet for over 15 years. I was told, “nothing could be done!” Was given medication that helped stop the needles and pins but, it made all of my nerves so painful, had to dump it.

    I came up on your product, after 4 months, showed some improvement. After 6 months, I now have quite a bit of feeling, movement of my toes and ankles and can walk much better.

    Thank you for the Diabetic Nerve Rejuvenator! – A.L.M., Utah

  2. Oren S

    NO More ‘Pins & Needles’ PAIN

    I’m 74 and have had diabetes for 10 years. I’ve also had “pins and needles” nerve pain for the last two. I’ve been taking the nerve formula for about a year and now I don’t have pain in my feet anymore!

    Oren S., Dallas, OR

  3. Helen S.

    My feet feel much better

    I’m pre-diabetic and have been taking your nerve formula for about 7 to 8 months. My feet just felt weird. Now they feel much better and I’m very thankful. I’m 80years old and as far as I’m concerned, I’ll keep taking it as long as my feet feel better.

    Helen S., NM

  4. Diana Snider

    My husband is in great pain due to diabetics & arthritis and very quickly
    My husband is in great pain due to diabetics & arthritis and very quickly, he had relief. Sorry for those who haven’t gotten the relief expected but after years of this pain, he is so thankful

  5. MomMom

    Helps with pain associated with diabetic nerve problems. Used it for over a year now and all I can add is that when I run out, the pins and needle sensation comes back to my feet. But that is for me, it’s worth a try and hope it helps others as it has me!

  6. 4 out of 5

    Deak Brown, art instructor

    Helps neuropathies, but not everything
    I’ve used it for two years and I can tell a difference within days if I leave it off. Helps only with stabbing pains and tingling in my feet, not with numbness nor hyper-sensitivity. It has also proven to help my son-in-law, who is an amputee, with phantom pains. I use glucosamine for arthritis in my hands but it does not help as much with larger joints.

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